The only thing God does is give. We are his hands.

Spiritual Insights for Everyday Life

One fine day a couple of months ago (as I write this), Billy Ray Harris, a homeless man in Kansas City, Missouri, was sitting in his usual spot panhandling passersby for small change. It seemed like a fairly usual day until he checked the contents of his cup.

That’s when he discovered that someone had dropped a ring into the cup—a ring that looked quite valuable.

He took it to a local jeweler, who offered him $4,000 on the spot. The diamond was real, and it was set in a platinum band. Harris considered taking the money. For him, $4,000 would be like hitting the jackpot! But as he said later, his grandfather had raised him to be honest. So he slipped the ring into his pocket and waited for its owner to return.

That owner was local resident Sarah Darling. And the ring was her engagement ring. However, it…

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