Send Peace


Send Peace.

 Today I’d like to continue with my thoughts about Boston. How are we to be at peace with our “enemies”?

The first and most important part is to be at peace with our selves. After all we can’t give what we don’t have. Once we have decided to pursue this course and we begin to surrender our fears to God and ask for His help peace will begin to settle into our lives. This is a continual process of growth wherein we begin to see the cause of our anxieties are rarely outside of us. The more we become at peace with our inner shadow many things will no longer trouble us. It is thru the process of surrender to God and forgiveness of ourselves and others we will begin to experience the “Peace that surpasses understanding.”

The next step is to begin to give this peace away. Peaceful people do this automatically and not always consciously but by just being at peace they radiate it out to the world. However there will arise situations that require a conscious prayer a “sending of peace” into situations that trouble us.

Because of our journey in discovering our shadow side and finding peace and forgiveness with it we can now relate to the anger and hatred of others and apply the same remedies for them as we applied to ourselves: surrender and forgiveness.

One of the reasons I like the Aramaic translations of the New Testament is the beauty of the poetry and the poignancy of the message becomes so much more obvious. In Roth’s translation of Romans 15:33-16:23 (Netzari Press 2009) he uses the phrase, “send peace” 21 times and twice the phrase “Elohim of Peace.”

His footnote on the phrase is very illuminating: “Often rendered as “salute.” However shalo b’ shlama literally translates as send (through) peace. “Shalom”—the same word—can also mean “hello, goodbye and peace”, but shalo b’ shlama carries a more profound significance in that each one extends and participates in the blessings and prosperity of each other both material and spiritual [italics mine]….Rather, by using this term we are extending peace, reassurance and our love and sending it their way.”

Of course Paul was writing to people of a congregation of Christians in Rome and sending peace to them but there is nothing that says we can’t do the same for those who wish us harm. Jesus asks us to.

A Course in Miracles points out that every attack is a cry for help. So lets help them. By our very presence we can send peace to all those who are hurting and crying for help. As we walk thru the world today maybe we can, we will never know who we have helped be at peace and maybe stopped some random act of violence.

Our only responsibility is to be the peace we wish to see and surrender the rest to the Elohim of peace.


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