God part 4, Omni-Potence


God part 4, Omni-Potence

“First and foremost we need to know who the God of heaven is, since everything else depends on this. Heaven and Hell 1 Emanuel Swedenborg

      When it comes to the attributes of God this and the next one—his Omni benevolence—are probably the most troublesome from our human perspective. When we look at the world in which we live we are often confronted by pain and suffering and for this we question even the existence of an All powerful God. I will touch on suffering briefly here but in a subsequent post I will cover the issue of suffering in more detail. For now, I would like to step back from the human condition of powerlessness to the larger context in which we have been swimming—the ALL-Beingness of Deity.

            God’s Being is Power. It is not a separate part of him which he chooses at times to exercise and at other times not, His being is: Presence; Knowing; Power; Benevolence and immutable, not subject to the whim of the moment. It is in this being that we “…live, move and have our being.” When he created us in his likeness he included this power as well—more about that later. This Being is the Omnipotent sustainer of all: “For he [Jesus] is The Brilliance of his glory, The Image of his Being, and upholds all things by the power of his word; and he in his Essential Being has accomplished the purification of our sins,….” Heb1:3 [Aramaic Bible in Plain English]

His power, manifested by his will which is his love, as spoken about in the parable of creation, demonstrates his powerful actions within Himself because there is no place other than in him. All is done instantly because in him there is no time. This timelessness is also his power. What appears to us to take millennia is less than the smallest measurement of time humans can conceive. Meister Eckhart puts it this way: “God did nothing more about it [creation] than just this: he willed [loved] and they were! God acts without instrumentality and without ideas.” His power manifests only what He is in all things in his essential being. Being able only to manifest what he is, there can be in truth, nothing but who God is and by which he declares: “It is very Good.” Because He is “…very good.” This “goodness” extends throughout all of the Alpha and Omega: the beginning to the end by the power of His Being.

Imagine a sphere without boundaries and which has its center everywhere then place a pin prick of a dot anyplace on it, this would be the Alpha and Omega of the entire universe from the big bang until the end of all things. However without time there can be no beginning or end. What we experience now is only the appearance of time and space. No time means no space either because it takes time to transverse from hear to there. Because there is no time there is no speed either, in God the “speed of light” does not exist. Light is just as God IS. This was pointed out by Aristotle in his Metaphysics as the unmoved mover.

As to what went “wrong”? Well that is the rest of the story. If indeed it went “wrong” at all. I don’t believe it went wrong, see my post Re-contextualize for my views on this topic. Whatever went wrong we expect the All Powerful God to fix it and we are kind of upset that he hasn’t put it right yet.

We have confused Power with force. In this world, the power of governments can only be seen thru enforcement. The force of law by it’s enforcers have us believing God, who we see as the ultimate Enforcer, acts the same. In Romans 13 we are told that all authorities are ordained by God [vs.1-7]. This is a divine pattern based on Gods love for his creation: man [vs.8-10] Paul adds his remedy for the misdeeds of men in verses 11-14 by stating; “…Now is the time and the hour to awake from our sleep….” We are in a nightmare—in the darkness of sin, guilt and death from which it is time to awaken. In awakening/enlightenment we realize, “The night has passed and the day has arrived, therefore let us strip off the works of darkness from us, and let us put on the armor of light.” [vs. 12]

However God never forces anything. He is not a bully. The power of God is more like the power of the sun which Swedenborg points out represents the love of God as modeled after the heavenly realms where God himself is seen as the sun. This sun which always existed is the light of love before the creation of the earthly sun. In the parable of the creation there was light before there was a planetary sun. This power radiates to all life, sustaining it—on a spiritual level first and on a physical level next. Many say his power is continually creating life anew each present moment. It has been said that it takes just as much power to sustain the world as it does to create the world. Also from this we can surmise that if God’s creative power to sustain the world were removed for the smallest of an instant the world would cease to exist. This is what Tao means in Chinese mysticism, The Tao does nothing, is always in action and without it nothing would get done.

It is.

This Power as a pattern of authority works differently on the human level because many souls have chosen to be out of touch with the inflow of this Power. Gods divine laws are written on the hearts of all men and this self-corrective power is active at all times but many have learned to ignore it. Hence the need for the governments modeled on a gross scale after the divine authority. According to Swedenborg, in heaven, when people choose to ignore the light they instantly “re-locate” to a place where other like minded people are and will stay there until they learn what they need to learn.

However to anthropomorphize human government as the way God works on the divine level is when we make out God to be a bully. Human government always works on a penalizing model attempting to justly apply appropriate penalties to fit the crime. Human government is part of the dream we are to awaken from. In the light of God there is no need for governments because in his presence there are no law breakers. Those who love darkness rather than light will go to the darkness and stumble all over themselves complaining they can’t see. God does not see this nor does he caise the pain. How can this be? Lets say God is the most powerful spotlight ever known.

“And this is The Good News that we have heard from him and we evangelize to you: God is Light, and there is no darkness at all in him.”

Now we come to this light and say: “Look over there God and see the evil happening in that part of the world.” So God turns himself in that direction but because this spotlight is so bright and powerful the darkness is no longer there. God would say: “What darkness?”

“But wait a minute,” you protest. This says there is no darkness in God and we can accept that but we are not God. The darkness I see must be there because I can see it. The more we walk into the light the less darkness there will be. My argument is that we are not separate from Him because there is no place apart from Him. The separateness/darkness we see is our perception not Gods. This is why Jesus, when people complained to him for breaking the Sabbath and healing a man said, “…Do not judge with partiality, but judge just judgment.” Gods “just Judgment” always supersedes the laws of men, represented by working/healing on the Sabbath. There are more subtle “laws”, that we created in our minds, which tell us we are bodies and victims of our bodies, that this physical plane is all there is. The healing comes when the Light of God shines on what we judge as evil and says it is not there, because there is no falsehood in the truth.

Now you may ask if we are dreaming why is God  in my nightmare. Why have we created governments and armies to destroy other armies? Why are evil people doing what they do and law enforcement punishing evil doers? On and on we can delve into the nightmare we think is the “real” life on earth, which it is not Why have we included God in all this? Because even in the nightmare we cannot forget that we are only sleeping. We cannot forget there is a light somewhere leading us out of the darkness.

In him was The Life and The Life is The Light of men. And The Light is shining in the darkness, and the darkness did not overtake it. [John 1:4,5]

God is everywhere on all levels of consciousness always being only what he can be: Light.

Would you as a parent punish your child because he had a nightmare that he killed someone? Wake up my child it was only a dream.


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