Love is a boundless ocean





Love is a boundless ocean, in which the heavens are

but a flake of foam.

Know that all the wheeling heavens are turned by

waves of Love: were it not for Love the world

would be frozen.

How else would an inorganic thing change into a plant?

How would vegetative things sacrifice themselves to

become endowed with (the animal) spirit?

How would (the animal) spirit sacrifice itself for the

sake of that Breath by the waft whereof a Mary²

was made pregnant?

All of them would be made stiff and immovable as ice, not

flying and seeking like locusts.

Every mote is in love with that perfection and mounts

upward like a sapling.

Their silent aspiration is, in effect, a hymn of Glory

to God.


² The elect are inspired and regenerated by the Divine Spirit which was breathed into the Virgin Mary. (Qur’an XXI, 91; LXVI, 12). Cf. Fihi ma fihi, 22  ‘The body is like Mary, and everyone of us hath a Jesus within. If the pains (of Love) arise in us, our Jesus will be born’ This recalls Eckhart’s doctrine of the birth of Christ in the soul (Inge, Christian Mysticism, 162 seq.) and especially his saying ‘The Father speaks the word into the soul, and when the “son” is born every soul becomes Mary’

from RUMI POEMS; Selected and edited by Peter Washington. Everyman’ Library Pocket Poets; Knopf 2006