None of these

Poinsettia Seed Pods at the Balboa Park Botanical Gardens

Poinsettia Seed Pods at the Balboa Park Botanical Gardens

None of These

God is my source. Following is a random, flow of consciousness, sources for all my income:

Job, photography, art work, parents, family, strangers, finding money on the street, church, tithing, especially tithing as a bribe to force God to supply my needs, housemate, gifts, computer art sales, websites, auto accidents, refunds, bank accounts, luck, money falling from the sky, clients, future clients, begging, pleading, groveling, selling everything, entering a monastery so I will be taken care of, girlfriend, inheritance, ex’s, unexpected income, being a good person so God will reward me with an abundant supply of wealth (trying to bribe God), not spending, not tithing, credit, stealing, struggling, working hard, sacrifice, making this list, spiritually letting go of everything, surrendering to God so I will get wealthy, giving money to strangers, gratitude, anger, doing what I love,….

This is an exercise of listing all the possible ways I have tried to get money to coerce God into providing my needs. Some I have done some are thoughts or daydreams, some are ways I have read that will “work” to bring abundance to me,

This exercise is just an illustration to show me to “seek only God first” and all these things will be added to me.

A silly exercise in surrender just to give all my feeble ideas over to God. This is not to say I shouldn’t do some of these things on the list, it is just a reminder that the things I do are not my source. Also the things I don’t do are not my source either.

This is an illustration about flowing with the river of life. Trusting in God alone to meet my needs and not attempting to coerce the Giver of Life.


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