You will never find your vocation unless you give up illusion


Mirrors of Encounters

The worst and most paradoxical thing about human nature
is not that man fears unhappiness and death,
but invariably dreads Happiness and Life.

Thomas Ross:
Your words resonate with one of my most treasured Tao passages.
“[The Master] holds nothing back from life; therefore he is ready for death, as a man is ready for sleep after a good day’s work.”

And perhaps even more, you send me again to the Auden passage – “We would rather be ruined than changed. We would rather die in our dread than climb the cross of the moment and let our illusions die.”

Isn´t it so? When we really LIVE and hold nothing back from life, doing the best of our ability to fulfill our Real Call, we have enough time and are no longer afraid to die. When we fear life, we are always short of time, and being…

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2 thoughts on “You will never find your vocation unless you give up illusion

  1. Hi there!

    Just to let you know that yesterday I was reading one of your posts. I found incredible solace in your specific way of putting things.

    I want you to know this, as very few texts bring about such relief.

    Where there is honesty, there is truth. Where there is truth, there is genuine action.



  2. Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m very moved by your response. As you probably know so many posts go unacknowledged your response is very encouraging, you are a gift from God. Bless you.

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