Annual Season For Nonviolence week 2

War is Over if you want it. John and Yoko

War is Over if you want it. John and Yoko

Hi everyone. Today is the fourth day of the Annual Season For Nonviolence. Each day of the 64 days between January 30th (Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi) and April 4th (Assassination of Martin Luther King Junior), is dedicated to a simple practice or thought which will help us to become more conscious of the peacefulness inside each of us. I was given this list on Sunday at my Church (The San Diego Center for Spiritual Living) and I would like to pass these thoughts on to you.

Here we are in week two and here are 7 more daily practices starting with yesterdays Feb. 9th. In-Joy

Day 11 Today I will look beyond stereotypes and pejudices.

Day 12 Today I will choose to be aware of what I talk about and I will refuse to gossip.

Day 13 Today I will live in the present moment and release the past.

Day 14 Today I will silently acknowledge all the leaders throughout the world.

Day 15 Today I will speak with kindness, respect,and patience to every person that I talk with on the phone.

Day 16 Today I will affirm my value and worth with positive “self-talk” and refuse to put myself down.

Day 17 Today I will tell the truth and speak honestly from the heart.

Have a great week.

Day 26 of the 40 day Prosperity Plan

Being Still in the Garden at SRF

Being Still in the Garden at SRF

Day 26 of the 40 day Prosperity Plan

“My inner supply instantly and constantly takes on form and experience according to my needs and desires, and as the Principle of Supply in action. It is impossible for me to have any needs or unfulfilled desires.”

“…instantly…” This instant, right now, for this instant, at this instant all of my needs are met. Sit right where you are now and see if this isn’t so but don’t go one instant past this one. If I look to a future “instant” they are not. I can think of many, many things and the multitude of desires I have for the next instant some of which can generate a fear response. But right now ALL is well. Everything is perfect right now. Everything is in its perfect place and in Divine Order right now.

“…constantly…”This perfect instant moves without notice, seamlessly into the next. By the time I write one letter I’m already there/here right now and the same instant of provision and perfection moves right along without me noticing, most of the time, unless I’m paying attention.

The future does not exist and the past is gone. The first words of this journal entry are a remembrance of what was once written but can only be remembered now this instant.

This study is called a ‘Plan’ which pulls me along into the next instant. I am in this instant planning my next multitude of instants to be just as this one: perfect, complete, whole, without any need or unfulfilled desires. I do have things to do in the future but I cannot do anything in the future.

And so it is. I have no place to go and nothing to do but enjoy this instant constantly while in the doing of my daily life. My “future” is directed by my will at any instant into this perfection of space and time.

Space and time do not move. Time is not running out. Time is not running anywhere, it has no place to go. It is I who move across this screen of consciousness, playing my part in the perfection of my life, interacting with other players on the immoveable screen of consciousness we call space and time. All this is in perfect harmony, grace, love, beauty, joy, peace, contentment and fulfillment.

And yet I too can Stop. When I stop everything seems to move. If I am on the Merry Go Round I move, if I get off, the Merry go round moves. Be Still and know that I am God.

This is God in action, my God-self moving me along in the perfection of Divine Providence. There is no going against the flow of this river and in each instant I am exactly in the perfect harmony weather I am conscious of it or not.

This is just the way it is.

This is It’s perfection. Everything is in its perfect place at its perfect time for the fulfillment of every need and desire. I do not need to worry about anything or get upset about anything.

I can choose to rest and flow with the river or I can fight it. One choice will bring Peace and the other will bring anxiety, pain and fear.

I am at rest, there are no mistakes, God has me right where I’m supposed to be for how can I be any place but here and now.

Physical time and space are irrelevant. I am moved along by my will activated by the larger Will.

All is perfection.

Day 18 of 40 days of Prosperity

Sunset Lovers, On the Boardwalk in Pacific Beach, CA

Sunset Lovers, On the Boardwalk in Pacific Beach, CA

Day 18 of 40 days of Prosperity

“My consciousness of the Spirit within me as my unlimited Source is the Divine Power to restore the years the locusts have eaten, to make all things new, to lift me up to the High Road of Abundant prosperity. This awareness, understanding and knowledge of Spirit appears as every visible form and experience that I could possibly desire.”

I can never be separated from God. Never. The realization of this truth is the beginning. I become “born again” when I know that I am not separate from God. Who or what I believe God to be will determine my experience of life because I will see God in everything. Is God angry? Then I will see an angry world and at the same time given myself permission to follow my Fathers example. I can be angry at whatever I think My Father is angry at. Is God Love? Then I will see a loving supporting and giving world. As I define love I will also be loving to that measure. Is it unconditional or conditional?

The radical Islamist who say they are killing and destroying in the name of God are convenient scapegoats, the extreme example, of all those who believe God hates such and such.

Jesus pointed out and proved by his actions, his own teaching to, “Love your enemy and do good to those who persecute you.” God has no enemies nor does he need to be defended in any way.

Is God both hate and Love? Then I will be a double minded person unable to see anything but a conflicted world. I will have Friends and enemies and as so often happens friends who become enemies. Friends I will embrace to some fashion and enemies I will kill in some fashion. Because of this viewpoint I will be in constant conflict. I may speak peace but it will not come from a peaceful heart.

Does God fight with Himself? There is no compromise here, God is one or the other, friend or foe. He is what he is before we have any reason to believe it. Before he created the universe was he Love? Did he change?

Maybe its no accident that towards the end of the Christian Bible Paul tells us that “the goal of our instruction is Love from a pure heart” (I Tim. 1,5). A Pure Heart to me means Unconditional Love. And John tells us God is Love and if we don’t Love we don’t know God.

It is the kingdom of the world which believes it is separate from God. That God is a God of hate and anger and retribution. No wonder the world is in the state it is in. Once the belief in our separation from God took hold we concluded that God hates us and wants to punish us.

Those of us who start to leave this worlds belief system carry with us the baggage of a hateful God. We will find ample proof of it in the Bible so continue to believe it is true. The Good news that Jesus came to bring is that this is not so. God is like Him and not like he is portrayed in many Old Testament passages.

Our journey to the Kingdom of God involves stripping away the old beliefs and replacing them with the God of Love, Support, Giving, Freeing, Joyous, Alive, non condemning and ever activating Life. This is our journey, the God of Love from a pure heart, the high road of Abundant Prosperity.

The Bible asks us to choose who we will serve?

The unlimited source of ALL Good or something else.

The Spirit of God in us will manifest according to our choice. We will see in the Holy Scriptures of any religion exactly what we want to see. And yes that applies to me.

I am a center in the Divine Mind

The Center

The Center

“I am a center in Divine Mind, a point of God conscious Life, Truth and Action. My Affairs are Divinely guided and guarded into right action, into correct results. Everything I do, say or think is stimulated by the Truth. There is perfect and continuous right action in my life and affairs. All belief in wrong action is dispelled and made negative. Right action alone has power and right action is power and Power is God…the Living Spirit Almighty. This Spirit animates everything I do say or think. Ideas come to me daily and these ideas are Divine ideas. They direct me and sustain me without effort. I am continuously directed. I am compelled to do the right thing at the right time, to say the right word at the right time, to follow the right course at all times.

All suggestion of age, poverty, limitation or unhappiness is uprooted from my mind and cannot gain entrance to my thought. I am happy, well and fulfilled with perfect life. I live in the Spirit of Truth and am conscious that the Spirit of Truth lives in me. My word is the Law unto its own manifestation, and will bring to me or cause me to be brought to its fulfillment. There is no unbelief, no doubt, no uncertainty. I know and I know that I know. Let every thought of doubt vanish from my mind that I may know the Truth and the Truth may make me free.”

Science of Mind; by Earnest Holmes

Spiritual Growth, A Metaphor


Proverbs 27.19 “You see your face in a mirror and your thoughts in the minds of others.”

James 1.23 “If you hear the message and don’t obey it, you are like people who stare at themselves in a mirror

1 Corinthians 13.12 “Now all we can see of God is like a cloudy picture in a mirror. Later we will see him face to face. We don’t know everything, but then we will, just as God completely understands us.”

Spiritual growth is like standing in front of a mirror with a giant spotlight directly in back of me, like one of those used at grand openings that illuminate the sky. It is shining directly at the mirror and is so bright I can not look at the light or its reflection in the mirror. In order for me to stand in front of the mirror I must get as close to it as possible with my nose touching the glass. But still light is leaking around me especially my head and I must put on sunglasses to tolerate the light. I find one pair of sunglasses will not do so I add layer upon layer of dark plastic until I can tolerate the light. My eyes will naturally adjust and once I get comfortable I am able to live there in what I think of as light but really it is still dim darkness. After a while I get used to the intensity of the light and feel comfortable enough to peel off a layer of dark plastic this causes somewhat of a discomfort but it is tolerable. This is done over and over until all the plastic is removed and I can actually remove the sunglasses. However my nose is still up against the mirror. Now as my eyes adjust to the brilliance leaking around my head I begin to see my face clearly but not my entire body. As the desire grows to see all of me I take my first step backwards toward the light. I know to turn around would blind me but my goal is to see in the light so I keep moving. As I back closer and closer to the source of light I see more and more of my reflection in the mirror but a strange thing begins to happen, the farther I get from the mirror I begin to disappear into the light. The light is surrounding me, swallowing me, enveloping me until eventually all I can see is the light and I have disappeared. And yet I know I am still me. I have disappeared and yet still here. “You are the light of the world.” Jesus, Matthew 5.14

Thought for the day


Is this a true statement?

“In the Scriptures God says,

“I swear by my very life

that everyone will kneel down

    and praise my name!”

Rom 14.11

Antoinette Tuff and the Averted School Shooting: God’s Love in Action

Spiritual Insights for Everyday Life

Last week, on Tuesday, August 20, 2013, Michael Brandon Hill, 20, walked into an elementary school armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition. The elementary school was the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Decatur, Georgia.

Hill fired only six shots.

No one died that day. No one was even injured.

Why not?

Because in the front office of the school, that troubled young man met Antoinette Tuff.

And Antoinette Tuff loved him into laying down his weapon and surrendering to the police.

But if you ask her, it was God’s doing.

Antoinette Tuff: A Vessel for God

Yes, Antionette Tuff was one of three school staff who had received training for handling potentially dangerous situations.

However, she was not even supposed to be in that place at that time. Here’s a segment of her interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN, in which…

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God part 2, OMNI


God part 2.

          Well it’s been fifteen minutes since I wrote the title of this blog and I find an inner peace and serenity coming over me and the realization that I have little to say.

I keep coming back to an experience I had several years ago. An experience of not knowing. Here is what happened: I was sitting in my car—in a shopping center I think—when I felt a warm glow in my heart chakra and a very soft, loving voice telling me, “you don’t know anything.” To which I readily agreed. The warmth began to spread downward and ended in my base chakra and the voice spoke again, “you have never known anything,” from which I came to understand that everything I thought I knew since I first could know, I have never known. I was filled with a deep sense of peace and bliss which lasted for several hours. I was then told not to tell anyone about this at the time. As I write this I am filled again with that same peace and bliss.

I’ll get back to ya latter.


          All is such a simple word. Everyone in every language knows what it means and how to use it, so much so we don’t really think about it. There are two uses for ALL one which refers to describing a quantity within certain parameters and the other used when speaking of the Deity. This in itself is a revelation of the nature of our relationship to deity.

Used as an adjective, pronoun or adverb all of us know what it means when we use it. A quantity of people or things that we wish to communicate about, as something’s included and therefore excluding the rest of a certain class, event or action. For example: “All the food in the refrigerator;” as opposed to all the food not in the refrigerator or; the first being a limited amount of food and the second is an enormous amount, if we don’t limit it again with another qualifier such as; all the food outside the refrigerator but in the house, as opposed to all the food outside my refrigerator which is in the rest of the world. So with the temporal things in the world all is always used as a qualifier to denote this as opposed to that a setting of boundaries to limit the things we are talking about and make ourselves clear.

          We also use the synonym of whole: The whole apple means the same thing as all of the apple and every whole number between one and ten means the same thing as all whole numbers between one and ten. We may drop the qualifier of “whole” number to say all the numbers between one and ten which then includes fractions to as many decimal points as we wish which would make a huge amount of numbers but the last one would still be ten.

When it comes to God, we must first decide, as part of our definition, what are God’s parameters, if any. Are we talking about a God with limitations or one without limitations? Our current level of theological sophistication is rather new in the history of God talk. For centuries, God was always local and limited a God of boundaries. In many cultures throughout history and even today God—in some orthodox theologies, as we will discover—God is still considered local, partial, limited and only acts within a particular range of power. This local God treats his people better than those others by providing and protecting his people as long as they meet his requirements whatever they may be usually some form of acceptable moral behavior accompanied by sacrifices, worship and penance if required, further cementing the tribes identity as favored of their God. Not only was God limited but his adherents were also limited in number. Us few against the rest of ya.

In the Old Testament, the one God written about was considered local to the Hebrew people, who considered themselves the chosen people of the One supreme God, and all other gods were to be vanquished and put away from the camp, thus separating the deities and those who followed them. Does God have boundaries? Has he limited himself or have we anthropomorphized God by claiming we are the special people whom God only loves and cares for? This is an important question to answerer. If answered in the affirmative we actually create a limited God. If we say that God is love we limit his love to us his “special” people chosen by him to go to heaven and the rest be damned. We can see very easily by this the cause of all wars, strife, conflict, hatred, prejudice, and a love which has been turned upside down. In this view of God, God actually gives us permission to hate the “other” which of course is not love at all.

The breaking of this limited nationalistic God was the first hurdle the infant church had to jump over. We see this in the stories of Peter and Paul in the book of Acts. Peter was shown a vision three times of a blanket filled with unclean animals and was told to eat them. When Peter refused because it offended the religious teachings he was raised in, God told him to not call anything unclean; “When God says that something can be used for food, don’t say it isn’t fit to eat.” Of course this was talking about the gentile centurion Peter was later to meet. Being a gentile was bad enough but a centurion as well? God was really breaking the boundaries the Jewish religion had placed around themselves.

Paul, an example of the limited nationalistic view of God, may have gotten wind of this new vision of God, a God without boundaries. He saw it as his mission to wipe out the heretical new sect who had a different view of God than the one of the his “chosen” people. His conversion and subsequent assignment to the gentiles—those “unclean animals”—was the second step in the revelation that God is a God for all people and nations. But the idea that God had a special people did not die out, it was just moved to another group. The seeds of specialness did not take long to reemerge. In I Corinthians 1: 10-13. the ego/sin nature—which loves separation—had the Corinthians quarreling about what group they belonged to. People have a natural tendency to attach themselves to strong charismatic leaders and in doing so find pride in the feeling of being in the elite. Paul asks a very important question; “Is Christ divided?”

In the Christian tradition Christ is God. Therefore we can just as well ask; “Is God divided?”

I will leave you with one last quote by a contemporary Rabbi:

Deu. 6:4. Hear, O Israel: The Lord is our God; the Lord is one.

“The basic credo of Judaism is that G-d is One. Not just that there is one G-d, but that his Oneness precludes the existence of anything apart from him. This is what I mean when I proclaim the Shema, Judaism’s central declaration of faith; ‘Hear, O Israel, Hashem our G-d, Hashem is One.” One. Alone. Nothing else.”

By Rabbi Yakov Asher Sinclair from Lens Work Extended # 84 Seasons of the Moon

Send Peace


Send Peace.

 Today I’d like to continue with my thoughts about Boston. How are we to be at peace with our “enemies”?

The first and most important part is to be at peace with our selves. After all we can’t give what we don’t have. Once we have decided to pursue this course and we begin to surrender our fears to God and ask for His help peace will begin to settle into our lives. This is a continual process of growth wherein we begin to see the cause of our anxieties are rarely outside of us. The more we become at peace with our inner shadow many things will no longer trouble us. It is thru the process of surrender to God and forgiveness of ourselves and others we will begin to experience the “Peace that surpasses understanding.”

The next step is to begin to give this peace away. Peaceful people do this automatically and not always consciously but by just being at peace they radiate it out to the world. However there will arise situations that require a conscious prayer a “sending of peace” into situations that trouble us.

Because of our journey in discovering our shadow side and finding peace and forgiveness with it we can now relate to the anger and hatred of others and apply the same remedies for them as we applied to ourselves: surrender and forgiveness.

One of the reasons I like the Aramaic translations of the New Testament is the beauty of the poetry and the poignancy of the message becomes so much more obvious. In Roth’s translation of Romans 15:33-16:23 (Netzari Press 2009) he uses the phrase, “send peace” 21 times and twice the phrase “Elohim of Peace.”

His footnote on the phrase is very illuminating: “Often rendered as “salute.” However shalo b’ shlama literally translates as send (through) peace. “Shalom”—the same word—can also mean “hello, goodbye and peace”, but shalo b’ shlama carries a more profound significance in that each one extends and participates in the blessings and prosperity of each other both material and spiritual [italics mine]….Rather, by using this term we are extending peace, reassurance and our love and sending it their way.”

Of course Paul was writing to people of a congregation of Christians in Rome and sending peace to them but there is nothing that says we can’t do the same for those who wish us harm. Jesus asks us to.

A Course in Miracles points out that every attack is a cry for help. So lets help them. By our very presence we can send peace to all those who are hurting and crying for help. As we walk thru the world today maybe we can, we will never know who we have helped be at peace and maybe stopped some random act of violence.

Our only responsibility is to be the peace we wish to see and surrender the rest to the Elohim of peace.